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Materials about Nekojiru by strong sources. Most links are to currently untranslated webpages, google translate will turn them into fairly legible English.

The Death of Nekojiru (ねこぢるの死)
A doccumentary/memorial broadcast on Kansai Television March 26, 2001, 1:35-2:25 a.m. It features comment from Yamano, Chiyomi's younger brother and editors/publishers she worked with. Translation by Remy Boydell

I was Killed by suicide (自殺されちゃった僕)
Selections about Chiyomi from a larger book by Yoshiaki Yoshinaga, editor of defunct 'Abunai Ichi-go' magazine in which several Nekojiru works were published. The book is only partially translated but he also writes about the suicide of other people he knew, including his wife. Translated by Ben Ettinger.

"I wanted to be born into the world of games"
Interview with Nekojiru and Yamano published in a 1992 article of Garo.

Garo 1992-06 Special issue
A Nekojiru edition of Garo magazine published June 1992. It features the only known photos of Chiyomi ever made public.

Memorials written by Yamano Hajime
- Urgent Message from Yamano Hajime (山野一さんからの緊急メッセージ)
Official announcement of Chiyomi's death, published in Monthly Comic Bingo!, July 1998.
- Memorial, BUBUKA
A similar announcement to the one made in monthly comic bingo, published in BUBUKA magazine July 1998.
- Memorial letter, JiruJiru travelogue
Exclusive to the manga aloha! edition. Yamano describes the delicate work balance they shared while creating Nekojiru.
- Memorial letter, JiruJiru Diary
Yamano describes Chiyomi's extremely introverted personality.
Memorial letter, Nekojiru Manjuu
Yamano mentions the existence of a suicide note that was written 2 years before Chiyomi's death, possibly from a previous attempt.
- Afterword - Violent Relaxation (あとがき バイオレント・リラクゼーション)
Memorial written by Yamano, published in Nekojiru Senbei (November 1998).

Writings by Kurokawa Sou
- Dream Disturbance (夢の不穏)
Article about Nekojiru originally published in a 1992 edition of Garo magazine, it would later be included in the first edition of Nekojiru Udon.
- Who is "Nekojiru"? - (ねこぢるって誰?)
Article published in a 1995 edition of Garo about Kurokawa's experiences meeting Chiyomi and Yamano. He writes about the awkwardness of knowing Chiyomi as "Nekojiru-san" despite considering Nekojiru to be a business rather than a person.

How to care for your bookshelf pet 'Nekojiru'/a book that will help you understand Nekojiru(かわいくってざんこくな本棚のペットねこぢるの飼い方/鬼畜なねこちゃんの何かがわかる本)
A Nekojiru section published in Bubuka magazine, January 1998.

Feeling the real thing (「本物」の実感)
Article written by Takashi Nemoto, a manga artist and friend of Chiyomi. Originally published in Monthly Comic Bingo! July 1998.

Nekojiru Memorial Night (ねこぢる追悼ナイト) (Transcription)
A live talk held in November 1998. A transciption would later be published in "TALKING LOFT3世 VOL.2" a book detailing various live talks held at the Loft Plus One building in Shinjuku.

Nekojiru - Critique of pure reason (ねこぢる純粋理性批判)
Official Nekojiru guidebook published December 1998, it details the chronology and contents of Nekojiru up to that point.

"Even now, Nekojiru appears in my dreams" (いまも夢の中にねこぢるが出てくるんです)
An interview with Yamano published in Nekojiru Taizen volume 2 (2008).